About Us

Hello! This could be a really long story but I think I'll try to keep it simple (wish me luck!).  Comstock Coffee was a cool little company in its hay-day.  We were doing small batch roasting and perfection was important to us.  As we were starting to grow, Mark (the founder) decided to buy a local coffee shop in Reno and hoped to build that business in parallel to the roasting business.  Problems arose pretty quickly in the retail coffee shop and it pulled the whole corporation down.  At that time, all he could imagine doing was to shut it all down and go get a steady job.  I was sad to see this happen because we were starting to build an online following and a great group of loyal, repeat customers.  That was the end of Comstock Coffee.

Now, here we are in 2018.  I grabbed the domain name and determined that I could make a streamlined version of Comstock Coffee.  So, I'm launching the website first and then building out the new roastery.  Keep an eye on us.  We'll be fully launched in late 2018.  And we'll be ready to offer you a great cup of coffee wherever you are.

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